Welcome to Fukushima City!

Fukushima Prefecture is the gateway to the Tohoku district.
The prefectural capital is Fukushima City with a population of around 294,000.
Fukushima abounds with historical and natural sites such as the Bandai-Asahi national park and a volcanic chain running under Mount Azuma. The Bandai-Azuma Mountains have Iizaka, Takayu and Tsuchiyu hot spas, a few of the greatest hot spring areas in Japan. We also have a well known Hanami-Yama park, Azuma Skyline highway and huge fruit orchards nearby. A fine view with autumn leaves can be seen while driving on the Skyline in fall, and luscious fruits can be tasted throughout the year in Fukushima, which is known as the "Fruits Kingdom". Please come to Fukushima for the beautiful nature, friendly people and to experience time that flows in a relaxed manner.

Fukushima City

Tourists Attractions

Fukushima City, which is known as the "Fruits Kingdom" and the "Hot Spring Town", is visited by many tourists at all seasons of the year.

Access to Fukushima City

Fukushima City is conveniently situated for making trips to the main sightseeing spots and hot spring towns. These areas are easily accessible by the Tohoku-Shinkansen (bullet-train) and the Tohoku-Expressway.