Fukushima City

Welcome to Fukushima City!

Fukushima City is the capital of Fukushima Prefecture, the gateway to the Tohoku region. With a population of around 293,000 people, Fukushima City abounds with historical and natural sites such as the Bandai-Asahi National Park, a volcanic chain that runs beneath the Bandai-Azuma mountains giving rise to a host of magnificent onsens hot springs.

The three onsen areas of Iizaka, Takayu, and Tsuchiyu are considered some of the best onsens in Japan. Fukushima City is also well-known for its flowers with crowds flocking to Hanamiyama Park which becomes a sea of color and cherry blossoms in spring. In autumn, a beautiful array of colored leaves can be seen along the Bandai-Azuma Skyline. Delicious fruits can be tasted throughout the year, which is why Fukushima is known as the "Fruit Kingdom". Come to Fukushima City for the beautiful natural environment, the relaxing onsens, the delicious fruits, and experience the heart of Japanese hospitality.

Check the Fukushima Station Bus Guide for information about local bus services, or the Getting Around Guide for additional transport options.

Location of Fukushima City in Japan