Privacy Policy

Fukushima City Tourism and Convention Association (hereinafter referred to as “the Association”) complies with laws and ordinances for the protection of personal information, including the Personal Information Protection Act, and additional guidelines from various government ministries.

The Association complies with laws and standards in relation to the protection of personal information, the collection and use of user personal information, as well as supplying that information together with strict controls, and unauthorized access of personal information, the loss, destruction, falsification of personal information, as well as the protection and correction of information leaks.

1. Collection of Personal Information

The Association collects personal information in a lawful and impartial manner. In the situation that the Association requests a users’ personal information, the Association shall provide prior notification of the purpose, and disclose the details of the intended use. The collected personal information will only be used for the stated purpose within the limits of legitimate operations.

2. Use of Personal Information

The personal information held by the Association will only be used for the state purpose within limits of agreed consent. In the situation that a users’ personal information needs to be used for additional purposes, excluding situations required by law, the Association shall obtain the consent of the user.

(1) In the situation of work-related contact,
(2) In the situation where the Association provides information on good and services,
(3) In the situation where there is an inquiry or request from the user,
(4) In other situations that require prior consent from the user.

3. The Association makes an earnest effort to safely manage and administer the personal information of user, to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification or leaks of personal information.

4. Personal information will not be provided to any third party for any reason whatsoever excluding the follow reasons.

(1) In the situation with the user’s consent,
(2) In the situation when an individual user cannot be identified,
(3) In the situation when recommissioning and treated by an external agency for professional operation disposal.
(4) In the situation that it is legally required.

5. The Association will disclose, revise, modify, or delete any held personal information only with a direct request of the user.

6. The protection of information when a user leaves the Association’s website via a link to another website is not the responsibility of the Association. Please refer to the privacy policy on the linked website.

7. In order to provide appropriate protection of personal information this privacy policy may be revised without notification.

8. The Association will also deal with the purpose of usage, and the consideration of public knowledge of corporate information based on related laws, and will conform with the standards listed above.

Copyright Claims

The information hosted on this website (text, photographs, illustrations, etc.) as well as the website itself are protected by copyright laws. This information is not to be reproduced, duplicated, or used in marketing for any situation not covered by the Copyright Act.

Trademark Claims

The company names, service names, product names on this website are company, association and registered trademarks. This website does not infringement trademark rights of any products or companies listed on the website.


1. All effort is made to make sure that the information on this website is accurate and true, however the Association and information provider does not have liability for any act based on this information.
2. The Association bears no responsibility for any damage or loss resulting from access to this website.
3. Please be aware that any information or URL on this website maybe changed or deleted without notification.
4. This website maybe wholly or partially unavailable or suspended due to maintenance or other reasons.


1. In general, users are free to link to this website unless for the following reasons.

(1) In situations when it is illegal or against social standards,
(2) In situations where the user’s judgement is misled or caused to error,
(3) In situations where the Association or third parties are liable or potentially liable for defamation or slander,
(4) In situations where the Association or third parties are in violation of potential violation of intellectual property rights.
(5) In situations where the Association or third parties are liable or potentially liable to infringe on property,
defamation, or personal rights of a another party.

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3. Within this website there are external links and access to websites not managed by the Association, and on these websites, there may be possibility of inaccurate information, lack of compliance with copyright laws, or illegal content.

Also, the association is not responsible for the content of external links and publicly available information on the internet. The Association shall bear no responsibility for the content of websites linked from this website.

Browsing Environment

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Note: Compatibility with new browsers will be developed as necessary, but we cannot guarantee the correct display and safe usage with unreleased browsers due to inherent problems.