Fukushima City Museum of Photography

Local and national photography exhibitions

Fukushima City Museum of Photography

The Fukushima City Museum of Photography is located at the foot of Mt. Shinobu. It was original built in 1922 for the Ministry of Communications.  It is a rare example of Taisho Period (1912 – 1926) architecture and is preserved as a Tangible Cultural Property of Fukushima City.

It is known as the ‘Hana no Shashinkan‘ (The Flower Photography Museum) in Japanese because of it’s association with famed Japanese photographer Shotaro Akiyama (1920 – 2003). Mr. Akiyama popularized Hanamiyama Park as ‘a utopia in Fukushima City’. The museum was opened in 2003 and featured a permanent collection of Mr. Akiyama’s photography. It was closed for 10 years because of damage from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.

It now features a range of local and national photography exhibitions.

Opening Hours

Open 9:00am ~ 4:30pm
Closed New Year Holidays (Dec 29 ~ Jan 3)


General Admission

Adults  Varies by Exhibition
Children  Varies by Exhibition

Access from Fukushima Station

Walk 15 min (1.2 km)


Route Momorin City Loop 2 Course (市内循環ももりん2コース)
From East Exit Bus Stop No. 9
To Fukuko-Mae (福高前)
Fare 100 yen
Time 5 min (+ 1 min walk)

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