February Events

February is final month of winter but there is still a good possibility of snow falls across the city. It’s perfect onsen weather, and there are many unique festivals that hint of the coming spring as well as strawberry picking! Check Fukushima Guide on Facebook for further details!

February Public Holidays
National Foundation Day (February 11)
Emperor’s Birthday (February 23)


@ Fukushima Inari Shrine
February 3 (2020)

“Demons out! Luck in!” is the familiar cry of Setsubun in Japan. If you want to experience the fun of throwing beans at demons (or oni as they are known in Japanese), we recommend coming to Fukushima Inari Shrine in central Fukushima City. The main ceremony starts at 4:30 pm with the mame-maki bean throwing from 5:00 pm.

Mt. Shinobu Dawn Procession

@ Central Fukushima City, Mt. Shinobu, Haguro Shrine
February 10 (2020)

The Mt. Shinobu Dawn Procession (or shinobu sanzan akatsuki-mairi) is an annual festival that has been held for around 400  years. Come and watch the Fukushima Waraji be paraded through central Fukushima City and up Mt. Shinobu to its resting place at Haguro Shrine. The best view is around 12:00 pm at Fukushima Station East Square. Or if you are feeling adventurous, the dedication ceremony at Haguro Shrine is held at 3:00 pm.

Tsurushibina Doll Festival

 Tsurushibina are a traditional hand-stitched hanging doll that are used to celebrate children’s day. The Iino Tsurushibina Matsuri is worth checking out for anyone interested in Japanese handcrafts. And there are several other displays in and around Fukushima City in February.

Kyu Sakuma-tei Tsurushibina Exhibition
@ Kyu Sakuma-tei
January 30 ~ February 5 (2020)

This collection of tsurushibina dolls is set against the backdrop of the historic home of Kyu Sakuma-tei.

Kyu Horikiri-tei Tsurushibina Exhibition
@ Kyu Horikiri-tei
February 21 ~ March 8 (2020)

Enjoy a footbath and explore the historic streets of Iizaka Onsen while you check out this display. Kyu Horikiri-tei is located a short walk from Iizaka Onsen Station on the Iizaka Line.

13th Annual Iino Tsurushibina Matsuri
@ Iino Community Center
February 22 ~ March 8 (2020)

The whole Iino community comes together to decorate the town with a wide variety of hand crafted dolls. We also recommend visiting the nearby UFO Museum while you are in Iino. JR Buses run from Fukushima Station (East Exit Bus Stop No. 1) to Iino Community Center.

Strawberry Picking

Mid-January ~

There are two strawberry farms in Fukushima City. Anbyo Strawberry Farm in Iizaka Onsen and Shiki no Sato Strawberry Farm west of the city near Shiki no Sato. Check our Strawberry Picking Guide for full details. Availability is subject to change. We recommend making a reservation, or visiting the Fukushima City Tourist Information Center at Fukushima Station West Exit 2F for more information.

Onsen in Fukushima City

February is the perfect time to experience the best of one of the many onsen in Fukushima City. Iizaka Onsen is a fun-filled day trip from Fukushima Station with cozy cafes and a historic backdrop. Or you could try painting your own kokeshi after a soak in a warm bath at Tsuchiyu Onsen. For the experienced onsen connoisseur Takayu Onsen is a relaxing mountain getaway. If you are feeling extra adventurous there is also Noji Onsen high in Azuma Mountains.

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