September Events

The summer heat is fading and the first touches of autumn are in the air. ‘Nashi’ pears and grapes start to fill the orchards, but there is still a few varieties of peaches available. September is a time for art, craft, music, and wine! Here is a list of annual September Events in Fukushima City. Check Fukushima Guide on Facebook for further details!

September Public Holidays
Respect for the Aged Day (3rd Monday of September)
Autumnal Equinox Day (September 22 or 23)

Art Galleries

Shoji Sekine: A Retrospective
@ Fukushima Prefectural Museum of Art
September 14 ~ November 10 (2019)

Shoji Sekine was born in Shirakawa in southern Fukushima Prefecture, and moved to Tokyo and made his artistic debut at the age of 16. He painted ‘Sorrow of Faith (信仰の悲しみ)’ when he was 19 which received the Chogyu Prize from Nikakai (Society of Progressive Japanese Artists) and is classified as an Important Cultural Property. The following year he died suddenly from the Spanish Flu. This exhibition consists of a collection superior subject sketches, and Shoji’s striking and mysterious use of scarlet and turquoise that continues to capture our interest to this day.

Closed: September 17/24/30, October 7/15/21/28, November 5.
General Admission: 1,000 yen
Student (High School): 500 yen
Student (Elementary and Junior High): 300 yen

Work Shop Mart
@ Fukushima Prefectural Museum of Art
September 16 (2019)

The best time to visit the Museum of Art is on September 16 to visit this popular market on the gallery lawn. Craft, coffee and local stalls set among the beautiful gardens of the gallery.

Jomopia Autumn Festival

@ Jomopia Miyahata
September 29 (2019)

Jump in to the history of Fukushima City at this fun and educational festival at Jomopia Miyahata.

Wine Vin Vino

@ Central Fukushima City
September 14 ~ 16 (2019)

3 days of wines and food from across Japan and around the world. A short walk from Fukushima Station East Exit.

Handmade Craft Market

@ Ekimae Street
September 16 (2019)

You’ll find some unique handmade crafts, arts, and gifts for the whole family at this popular craft market on Ekimae Street.

Totteoki Music Festival

@ Central Fukushima City
September 23 (2019)

Multiple stages of local musicians fill the city with a vast array of music styles.

Pear & Grape Picking

September ~ October

While Fukushima City is best known for its sweet and juicy peaches, September is the time for Japanese style nashi pears and grapes! There are a handful of orchards on the Fruit Line west of Fukushima Station with a wide variety of grapes and pears! Check our Nashi Pear Picking & Grape Picking Guides for full details.

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